Duho wants YOU!

Duho Books, a royalty-paying small press located in metro Washington DC, is now accepting fiction and nonfiction submissions that explore the people, culture, and history of the Bahamas. Authors may submit work either directly or through their literary agents.

Please e-mail your complete manuscript for consideration to Submissions@duhobooks.com, along with the following:

  • A one-page letter in which you briefly describe your submission and provide your contact information. You may include this in the body of your e-mail
  • A brief author bio
  • The book title and your name in the subject line of your e-mail
  • An indication of whether your work is a simultaneous submission

About Your Manuscript

  • We accept submissions that contain between 50,000–100,000 words
  • You may submit your manuscript in either .pdf, .doc, or .docx file formats. Files must be no larger than 4MB
  • Please provide a title page for your work
  • Your spell-checked and grammar-checked manuscript must be typed and double-spaced, with one-inch margins all around the pages

We will make every effort to respond within twelve weeks of your submission. However, as we are a small, independent publisher, we may not be able to provide in-depth commentary if there is no interest in publishing the work.

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