N.A. Cash’s MY NAME IS KARMA Debuts in September 2017

Duho is pleased announce that MY NAME IS KARMA, by author N.A. Cash will debut this September!

Karma front cover

Here’s the synopsis:

The terrifying aftermath of an encounter with a school yard bully shocks young Karma into the awareness. She’s not like other girls. Realizing that she is the amalgamation of her family’s supernatural gifts, Karma must now do battle with forces seen and unseen. She must struggle with the strength of her abilities, the emotions that frequently drive them out of control, and the dilemma of using her powers for good or for her own selfish purposes. A thrilling voyage of self-discovery takes Karma across the years, from the rural forests of New Orleans to an outside world that is actively hostile to her and her kind as she seeks to solve the mysteries of the lives, loves, and circumstances that merged to result in her very existence…


book jacket

N.A. Cash is one of the Bahamas’s fresh new writers, channeling supernatural suspense through fiction. A self-described extraverted introverted psychologist and Miss Earth Bahamas 2005, Cash spins tales that merge her own vivid imagination with narratives inspired by her decades-long analysis of mysterious internal worlds of individuals encountered through her practice.

My Name is Karma is N.A. Cash’s  first novel.

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