About Us

Duho Books is where the written word that celebrates the vibrant culture, history, and people of the Bahamas LIVES…

Why “duho?” Well, per Wikipedia, accessed today (2/24/2017), a duho is a wooden  Pre-Columbian Taino Ritual seat “made in the form of a man on all fours… The seat was made before Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean and is an important remnant of the Taino culture and civilisation that existed before the arrival of Europeans.” More specifically, the duho was a throne made for the chief, or cacique.

Arawaks, related to the Tainos, were the indigenous people that Christopher Columbus met when he landed in the Bahamas in 1492. Thus began the systematic erosion of the culture of the people who have inhabited the islands of the Bahamas over the millennia through everything from murder to cultural appropriation.

Duho Books seeks to capture, retain, and preserve the unique history of the people of the Bahamas through the written word. It hoped that this effort would result in the elevation of the Bahamian experience to its own metaphorical throne once more for generations present and future.