Marin Frederique Blog: Latinx Like Troy

In her latest blog post, MarinFrederiqueDuho author Marin Frederique muses about Blacktinos, as the actress Mo’Nique called Latinx people in the film Domino.

As Marin says:


Incredibly, though, many people are incredulous when they learn that there are Black Latinos, like Troy. Immediately, I name many Latinx folks who’ve enriched pop culture, like Laz Alonso (Stop the Yard; Jarhead); Gina Torres (Suits); and rapper Kid Cudi.

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Latinx Like Troy



BACK TO LIFE is “Saucy IR Reading”!

Christelyn Karazin established Beyond Black & White, a safe gathering space for those with the courage to not let race interfere with their quest to find true love. She read BACK TO LIFE and decreed that it is “saucy IR reading.”

We think that’s a good thing.

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